Dr. Elizabeth Carter

Dr. Elizabeth Carter

Chiropractor, Naturopath

Dr. Elizabeth Carter is a Chiropractor, Naturopath, and medical student, who has served the Main Line and Philadelphia area for 18 years, specializing in pediatric, pregnancy, and nutrition. Her practice, Restorative Health Center, is based in Exton, PA. Dr. Carter believes in comprehensive healthcare that gets to the root of a problem while it is still manageable. She is passionate about treating every patient as an individual and finding creative solutions to promote quality and quantity of life. Her goal is to have every patient who comes into the office walk out balanced, happy and healthy.

Maria Kenny, Office Manager

Maria Kenny

Office Manager

Maria brings 30+ years of administrative experience to our Center. She has held positions at Bell Atlantic Corporate Headquarters as Executive Manager reporting directly to the President and at Xerox Corporation as Executive Manager reporting directly to the President and Executive Staff.

Maria lives in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, with her husband and three daughters and enjoys golfing, gardening, reading and vacationing at the Jersey Shore.

Peggy Hummel

Peggy Hummel

Chief Financial Officer / Business Manager

Peggy comes to us with over 30 years in banking, with over 15 years experience in reconcilements, at well-known banks such as Susquehanna and National Penn. Her goal at Restorative Health Center is to create a less financially stressful visit for our patients. Peggy lives in Exeter, PA, and has two grown children, a son and a daughter. She spends time with her daughter trying to rescue feral and stray cats from the city of Reading, finding them homes and a safe place to live. She enjoys rock climbing, music, movies and going to live concerts. Her goal is to someday open a last chance rescue for animals.

Gary LaNette, Reike Therapist

Gary LaNette

Reike Therapist

Gary has worked in the corporate world for 32 years as the Director of Traffic Services Operations for the American Baptist Churches USA. Gary has a vast number of certifications from business, finance, total quality management. He also chairs their safety committee with a safety first mentality providing CPR training and an OSHA compliant operation. He also is a board member of the Southeastern Postal Customer Council and serves as their treasurer for the past 20 years.

Gary's interest in energy healing began after the death of his wife in 2010. Working with alternative health doctors and teachers of energy healing, he felt this was his calling. He is now a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher and is at a level one Karuna Reiki, Shiatsu Introductory level and has been taught Chinese massage and pressure point techniques.

Reiki is a holistic approach to self-healing focusing on energy work, Using a hands on technique of transferring "universal energy" through the practitioner to the client. Reiki sessions can balance and strengthen the function of physical body, enhance relaxation and self-awareness. It can accelerate and strengthen any healing process.

Dr. Nancy Tarlow

Dr. Nancy Tarlow

RHC's New Practicioner

Restorative Health Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Nancy Tarlow to our team. Dr. Tarlow brings over 25 years of family chiropractic experience, cranial work, nutrition, along with her experience working with stress-related health problems.

One area she has seen significant results has been in incorporating Brain Wave Entrainment. She became very interested in this work due to her own success of resolving 40 years of poor sleep and depression and 5 years of anxiety attacks in 4 weeks. After bringing it into her practice, she also observed other successes in the areas of focus/ADD, low energy and the resolution of many health problems where the origins were connected to stress.

Brain Wave Entrainment can help with the following:

  • Improved focus
  • Deeper sleep
  • Enhanced memory
  • Feelings of well being and calmness
  • Releasing of The Relaxation Response (or moving someone out of "fight or flight")
  • Ease for meditation or calming thoughts

Dr. Tarlow's work is based on when someone is experiencing stress, their brain (and body) goes into survival mode -- or trying to figure out how to get out of their situation. Normally, after the stressor is gone, our brain should be able to increase specific brainwaves for calming or sleep. But with chronic stress, our brain forgets how to increase those calming brainwaves and deep and prolonged sleep is difficult to attain. Our body tends to stay in a "fight or flight" mode causing TMJ/jaw pain, headaches, chronic neck, back and shoulder pain; tightness in our legs, shallow breathing, poor digestion, fertility problems and a fast heart beat.

With brainwave entrainment, the brain "learns" how to handle stress better and how to get out of "fight or flight" easier and quicker. When the nervous system is back in balance, true healing can finally take place. Dr. Tarlow combines her knowledge of stress with Chiropractic care for excellent results.

Our regular fee for the first session is $150 and includes a thorough consultation, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) assessment and one session of Brain Wave Entrainment.

We are offering a discounted rate of $85 for this first session until September 21st, 2018. Please inquire at the front desk, or by calling 610-363-2897, to schedule your appointment.

New Patient Stress Survey [PDF]

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