Holistic Services

We strongly believe in the importance of investigating the environmental factors that affect a patient's health and wellbeing. Heavy metal exposure and toxic overload can negatively impact quality of life. The following services assist in diagnosing and treating these all-too-common issues.


OligoScan is a non-invasive procedure that determines the mineral and heavy metal content in your body. Using a spectrometer on the surface of the skin, an OligoScan is performed in office and takes no more than five minutes to provide comprehensive results. Dr. Carter immediately follows this service with a comprehensive consult. An OligoScan is a key factor in determining which lifestyle changes will benefit you the most!

Ion Detox Foot Spa

The body detoxes naturally in a variety of ways, but we live in such a state of toxic overload that our bodies often need help to adequately process the sheer amount of harmful environmental factors we encounter every day. The Ion Detox Foot Spa uses positively and negatively charged ions and electrical pulses to stimulate an all-natural healing process.

BeautifulImage Face and Body Sculpting Therapy

The Lunchtime Facial
Everyone wants to look his or her best, and facials and body sculpting are popular procedures to that end. But these procedures involve dangerous chemicals and long recovery times. Beautiful Image uses microcurrent technology to lift and sculpt the face and body naturally and with no harsh chemicals or swelling.


NET, or Neuro-Emotional Technique, is based on the principle that a patient's physical, nutritional and emotional health are all interconnected. One must correct physical issues to correct mental issues, and vice versa. Dr. Carter will use a combination of Eastern and modern techniques to determine the deep root of emotional and physical problems, and assuage them with a number of naturopathic solutions.

Dr. Walker: netmindbody.com